data migration not as I expected

hi Mendix community, I get a data migration question I followed the how-to: in order to figure out it deeply, I set up a local mysql database to test it, and here are my steps: step1. set Database as follow: step2. set Custom as follow: Step3. clear the two databases(haha as main database, gaby as source database) step4. create 1 table named test in gaby(source database)   after the 4 steps , I start the app, and I expected test from gaby(source database) will migrate(copy) to haha. here is the result: show first pop-up click it and check the haha(main database), 35 system tables and 1 domain table created, and no change happend in gaby(source database) show second pop-up  chec gaby, 37 system(a language  table and it also appeared in haha, I think it can be ignored) and 1 domain table created(or copied) and   the app run successfully, here is my question: I expected the ‘test’ table copy from gaby(source database configured in custom tab) to haha(main database), but it seems the ‘test’ table still in gaby.
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The mistake you make is that the Mendix model reflects how the database should look. So any adjustments outside of the model (like creating your own table) wil be lost. Only entities in your model will be created. You can check it yourself when you adjust your settings to a database name that is not there at all. Mendix will create the database and all the tables.