Excel Importer limitations

I am having issues when trying to import objects from an excel file where it will tell my I am getting system errors and that I should contact an admin when i try to import ~5000 rows at a time, I have seen posts of people saying they are able to and should be able to import ~100k objects at a time, obviously it can depend on the number of attributes with each object, but mine for example only have like 8 attributes.  For now I have just done smaller batches of ~4k objects at a time, but this isnt practical and can be time consuming should I need to import larger excel spreadsheets.  My question is, with the excel import module is there a way to change any settings on the limit of the file import? As an example if you export from a datagrid to excel you can set the limit of the number of objects directly in the modeler.   Thanks!
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When you get this error, do you see any additional information in the logs?  I have had errors before where there was some invalid data in one of the cells in my spreadsheet.  When this happens, the log will usually have some information about what row the issue occurred on.