Validation rules and case sensitivity

I’m building a skill tracking app. I don’t want my users to create duplicate skills, therefore I’m using a validation rule on the name property of the Skill entity: When I run the app locally it behaves different than when run in the cloud (Free Mendix cloud). Steps taken: 1. create a skill, name it “mendix development”, and then save. 2. create a second skill, name it “Mendix Development”, and then save. Expected outcome:  * An error message appears because the second skill has a name that’s not unique Outcome when run locally:  * An error message appears Outcome when run in cloud:  * No error message appears. The skill is created. Now there are two skills with the same name (except from casing): “mendix development” and “Mendix Development”   How can I make the validation in the cloud behave the same way as the validation when run locally?
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The documentation on this topic states that uniqueness is checked by the database. I suspect that the (free) cloud is more strict and sees ‘Mendix Development’ as a different value from 'mendix development’. Which database do you use in your develompent evironment?

Strings can be manipulated with String Function Calls and you can use that with a before commit flow to check if a value already occurs in the database. Keep however in mind that this is disastrous for performance with large data sets.