Where does the Scheduled events data get stored in Mendix?

Hello Community, I have some scheduled events created in my application. Now I want to configure the schedule events from the UI. I tried to find the storage of scheduled events data, but I don't see any where in the database the information is stored. Can anyone please let me know where does scheduled events data is stored and how can I retrieve it and configure it in the UI. Thank in advance.
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You can't change it from the UI. It's a server side setting. Go to the environments page, go to the details page of the environment you're using and go to the model options tab. Here you can enable/disable.

The actual setting on how often you want it to run, can only be changed in the modeler. See the documentation:



If you want flexibility: run it very regularly (every day, every hour, every minute, whatever works for your use case) and do a test in an exclusive split to determine whether or not the rest of the flow must be executed. This is also explained in the documentation in the bottom.