New event registration

Hey guys, I build a quite similar app to the LearnNow app of the rapid developer course. I just face a problem with the even registration.  I have some events (called service) with a defined day and time, for which users should be able to register them selves to that service. So I set up (equivalient to LearnNow) an event entitiy containg the event information (service, day, time, NumberOfRegistrations...), an entity with the user information and a registration entity. The registration entity contains of course a number and a date and is connected to both other entities.  When I create a new page (Registration_NewEdit) and assign the registration entity to this data view, it is not possible to have the required data (service, date, time) selectable. They are all protected. At the end a user shall be able to create a new registration entering a service, date and time. Most preferably the Full Name is automatically shown based on the loged in user.  Many thanks for any help. Regards Hannes  
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Created the same model in Mx 8. The fields are editable if:

  1. The dataview is set to editable ‘Yes’, look for this in the properties of the dataview
  2. The user has permissions on the correct attributes and associations, check this in the domain model.


Hope this helps in finding the issue, if not please give met a DM and I can invite you to the test project I created.