SQL Access to database objects when running in Mendix Cloud?

Hi all, I find it very useful to use SQL queries on a database whilst developing, it enables me to understand the data better, what's been imported and help me validate what the app is showing and how it's behaving (security etc.). What's the quickest way of accessing my database SQL entities/tables via SQL when running my app in the Mendix cloud?  Many thanks, Warren
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I heard there is a possibility to run SQL Queries in the modeller. But I don’t think you are able to connect to the database by a SQL shell Out of the Box.


The cloud database is in a Postgres format. So install that one and restore the database to your local Postgres installation. From there you can inspect the data with all kinds of SQL queries. Doing it on the live database is not possible.

See also the documentation here: https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/operate/restore-backup-locally#3-restoring-the-backup-to-postgres






Thanks Gerrit, I've found that if running your App locally using Studio Pro you have the option to view your local database using the 'Database Viewer', this can be accessed via Console Pane -> Advanced -> Start built-in database viewer but i'm after a way of accessing the database when it's out there in the Mendix Cloud. Even if the solution is not OOTB, is there a way?