Database connection (module) with SSL

Hi all, For  a while now i'm trying to connect to an external database using the mendix database connector module. The database i'm trying to connect to only allows secure connections with an SSL certificate. I’ve uploaded the certificate in the modeler for testing locally (project settings → certificates → import certificate). In my understanding the certificate applies to all outgoing connections being made. Sadly this is not working. I’m getting an Access denied error from the server. I found an old post that said that using the 'useSSL=true’ parameter in the jdbc url should solve the problem but this is not the case. I'm sure that the problem is the ssl certificate, because disabling the ssl settings for the account i'm trying to sign in with gives back the data i need. I also tried writing an custom java action to connect but that gives the same error (running outside of mendix results in a connection). Does anyone have any experience in connecting to a database with ssl within mendix? All the help would be greatly appreciated! Joris van Egmond
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