Connection to SQL 2014 with connection string

Hello,   Can someone tell me if it is possible to connect to a SQL Server 2014 with the connection string, please? The Database Connector tool seems to need an URL and the Database Replication one to only work up do SQL Server 2008.   Thank you very much, Thomas
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Hi Thomas,

  Unfortunately Mendix does not support Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Supported versions are 2015, 2016 as well as Azure SQL, which is based off of SQL Server 2014 with newer features. I suspect you could compose a connection string to SQL server 2014, but when you attempt to make the connection you will get a message like:

M2EE: An error occurred while initializing the Runtime: Minimal database version must be 13.0. You have connected to version Microsoft SQL Server 12.00.1600.

To see the list of supported databases, see




If there is no way to directly connect Mendix with SQL Server 2014. Is there any way to connect indirectly to it? I am sure many people using Mendix have needed to get data from an old version of SQL Server at some point. Has anyone done it before, please?


Thank you,