Search in SQL server doesnt work when its Case Sensitive

Hi, We have an application that we have migrated from Cloud to on-premise. We have also done a migration of the database from the cloud (in PostgreSQL) to on-premise (in SQL server). As a result of the migration of the data, we were getting some unique key violations as we found that PostgreSQL is case sensitive while SQL server is case insensitive by default. Then, we decided to change the collation of SQL server to case sensitive, and then avoided all the unique key violations and were able to complete the data migration. However, we have found that the search functionality in the grids has stopped working as it was, and it’s now case sensitive. While we were in the cloud, the search was case insensitive depite the fact that the database was case sensitive. We are wondering whether there’s a way to make everything work in SQL server as it was working in the cloud. Thanks, Francisco
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I think you need the Mendix MBS-specialists to answer this because the MBS now sees a SQL-database and is probably not expecting the collation to be set to case-sensitive. This is a quite unique setting you have now and  there is a good chance that the MBS is just not built to handle this correctly.