Save and store search criteria (on database)

Hello everyone,  I want to build an App, that allows the User to create so called “methods” (that combine into strategies).  A method is a collection of search criteria the user wants to look for in the database. If any results are found, the corresponding objects should throw an alert which is then handled separately. A method is at first created and stored. Later on in the workflow the user can at first simulate the search and then execute it (only execution throws alerts).  I want the user to be able to dynamically construct these methods by selecting his source entities, the attributes to search on plus a threshold (e.g. if value exceeds a limit). The search has to be executed across all entities.  My issue is that I can’t think of a way on how to store the search/method to be able to display it in an overview and edit it at a later point of time plus on how to execute said method later on.  I think there should be a way to make this possible. I’m more than happy to get forwarded to the right thread if the question has already been answered.  Thanks in advance! Jan 
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not 100% sure about what you want to achieve, but lets give it a try.

  1. I would start with the modeling reflection module, so that I do have all entities, attributes & reference available in runtime
  2. Add an search entity, with associated 1-*  SearchKey entity. 1 SearchKey refs 1 Search.
  3. Search Key refers to entity which storeses the entities, attributes & associations in the Model Reflection module


When crafting a search method you can add multiple search keys for specific entities/attributes.