Grab File name without uploading to database

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible in Mendix to retrieve the name of a file without uploading it into the Mendix database first. I’m using Mendix’s file manager to browse for the file I want, but the save button does not store or commit that file. It just passes it as a parameter in a microflow so that I can retrieve its name and then I delete it. But this apparently still stores the file in the database when testing locally, meaning that it will do the same on a licensed cloud node which will take much longer with the large files I’m working with. Any help provided is greatly appreciated!
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Hi Andrew,

The file manager auto commits the file. So when selecting a file it will be stored automatically inside the object you created. I guess this is a specialization of FileDocument to actually store the file. You can delete the complete object after grabbing the filename and it should delete the actual document. For large files this is kind of overkill to upload all data just for grabbing a filename. I guess you have to write something yourself or check the appstore, maybe you can find an option there, Success