Attending a game (+ login)

I started working with Mendix this week and im looking for a way to link a user to an object from an entity. The application that im making is a soccer-app. Players can login and click a “I will attend next game”-button so that I can get a list of players who will attend next game. The problem is that i don’t know how to create a login form using the authentication widgets from mendix themselve, how do i check username and password. I guess you can’t simply create a login-button, reference it to a microflow and inside the microflow you check the following: - loop through all players (they have a username and password) and check if there is a matching username. - Check the password associated with that username if it’s correct then what? How can i say that that specific user (that logged in) clicked the attendance-button? The result i want to get is: John Doe logs into the system. He clicks the button “I will attend next game”. By doing so he (entity player) will be added as an object to entity “participants”.
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Mendix by default hadles the login. You first have to set your project security level to production. 

For your games and attendees i would create the following domain model. Account already exist in the administration module. This way a user can attend to multiple games and a game can have multipe attendees. 

You should be able to create a microflow where you create a attendee object which you link to the current users account and the game he wants to attend. Since this is basic mendix, I think its a good start to follow the different learning paths. YOu can find them on 


Maybe something like this? 

- User Login

- Show a list of available games (Event) to select from

- a button “I will attend this game” – add them to the List of Attendees on click

As for ‘How can i say that that specific user (that logged in) clicked the attendance-button?’

You could either go with audit log from the app store or simply by checking ‘owner’ depending your need