How to solve this many-to-many relation?

Im new to databases and Mendix. Currently I’m working on a soccer application and i have a many-to-many relation in my database: [Players] * --- * [Games] What i want is: - ‘Players’ are able to apply for a ‘Game’ (he will attend the next game).  - After the game is played I can create a ‘Game’ report (incl. a report of the game, gamedate, goals scored by both teams = seperately and which of our players scored during this specific game = PROBLEM!) - After the data is submitted, i can see an overview of games and if I click on a game, I can see which players scored during this game and howmany times they scored.  - I want to be able to see the top-scorer of the team (calculated based on sum of all goals made during the past games If someone could help me with this, I would be very grateful :)
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Hello Janes,

You add an intermediary entity instead of *-*.

For example: Match 1 – * PlayerMatch * – Player

Store match stats in match, player stats during that match in Player match.

Hope this helps 


Thx for info