Create advanced excel import (extending Excel Importer Module capabilities)

Hello everyone,  i’m really struggling with creating an excel import function within my mendix app. I already tried the Excel Importer Module from the app store however I think my domain model extends it’s capabilities: The .xlsx contains information about ‘Entity’, ‘Entity_4’, ‘Entity_6’, ‘Entity_5’ and ‘Entity_7’. All others are assigned outside the upload process itself. The Excel Importer Module can’t ‘reach’ more than one additional entity as i am only able to choose on additional reference object. So my question to the more advanced developers is if you know any workaround? (I already looked into xml mappings but am not entirely sure if thats the best way to go)       
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Best practice for this kind of scenario is to import into an entity that mirrors the columns in your Excel sheet, creating one object for each row in the spreadsheet.  Then build the microflow(s) you need to put the data into the entities in your app.  So the Excel Importer is used to copy the data line for line into Mendix, and the heavy lifting is done in one or more microflows.  This approach gives you much more flexibility in the importing process and visibility into what happens when you put the data into its target entities.

Hope that helps,