How do I transfer all my application uploaded files from MendixCloud to AWS S3 Storage (URGENT)

Hi, I’m currently trying to transfer all our application data from a databack (gotten from the Mendix cloud) to an S3 bucket (where it will now be stored and all new files will go here as well)?  I have all the permissions and users set up on AWS and S3, and all the correct environment variables set to link the application with the external data source (the S3 bucket), the issue now is getting all the files into the S3 bucket and then the application being able to access the files from their respective application links. What is the process for doing this transfer? I came across this script here, but it’s author and script so far have been unable to assist me. 
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Hi Brent,

Why not the REST API to upload files to the S3 BUCKET,

Another alternative is to use the AWS SDK for Java by writing custom Java code (by passing in the needed data etc), some example;

You can also run the PY script via a Java action (instantiating through the OS/CMD etc), but it requires a lot more effort, which is in this case not recommended I think.