Does Mendix has a concept for import of existing data model, from SQL script or from real Postgresql DB?

I tried to import the data model from existing Postgresql DB (non-Mendix), but without success.  Is this possible?  Little background of my question: Mendix has some concept of importing of existing data model from:  Excel SAP data models (using ODATA) I have a legacy Postgresql data base (about 150 tables) and want to check, if Mendix can generate some very simple application out of box. As it is model driven tool, maybe that would be possible. Why? There are situations what business analysts create the DB models on the fly. If we could use Mendix to create prototype applications very quickly that would be very interesting for agile development and early feedback from business.   I tried this: but that seemingly does not work with "non-Mendix” databases. 
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Mendix do provide an SDK that is capable of generating domain models. If you know TypeScript you could write some code to query the existing database and build Mendix domain models.

More details on the SDK can be found in the Mendix documentation.

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Why you are using Mendix just for Protoryping? It is a Framework to build someting.