Mendix connection to Azure blob storage or amazon S3

Hi all, I need to built connection to Azure blob storage for my mendix application, but I don’t know how to perform it. I read documentation about Azure storage use in mendix but  I need more details about configuration, how to retrieve or post data to  storage.  Do anyone have background or feedback about cloud storage implementation ( Azure or Amazon S3) ? If so, is it possible to have more detail about connection to it from mendix app ? Thanks !  
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We’ve integrated with Azure BlobStorage and TableStorage successfully from Mendix.

Our requirements were to create an external copy there, so we wrote Java Actions against the Azure Java SDK to do this. They were only a few lines of code each.

We based our work on the examples provided in the Azure documentation.


@Robert could you consider sharing the code/java action?

Would be great if there was something in the store for this, but there isn’t. I’m facing the need to copy over documents from the app an external and independent storage on Azure.


Hi Robert Price

Thanks for your answer.

We are facing a similar kind of issue. The issue is, when the user tries to upload to azure, it throws an error.

Can we follow the same method to resolve this?


Thanks in Advance.