Calculate average person age by Date of birth

Hi,   new to mendix – I have created a registration form were users enter the date of birth. i would like to calculate the average age of all users that registered. Thanks.        
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Robert is right. The easiest Mendix way is a retrieve and loop in a microflow. There is a way however that will give you better performance if need be, and that is OQL. You do a retrieve over the person, select avg((datediff(DAY,dateofbirth, currentdate)) like this:

FROM ForumQuestions.Employee
SELECT avg(datediff(DAY, DateOfBirth, '[%CurrentDateTime%]')) as AverageDaysOfOurPersons

And this is also very doable. To use this OQL:

  • import the module OQL, 
  • in your microflow add widget “Execute OQL” where the 1 parameter is a string, which you will feed this FROM statement to.
  • Set the return entity. This entity is likely a non-persistant entity with only one attribute: AverageDaysOfOurPersons

See, click question 96873 for a working sample. and click on the pencil on right side of the screen to view it in Studio (Awesome feature in this usecase). It actually was easier to accomplish then I expected.

Nevertheless, you also want to know how to do this in a microflow and loop, see this shared microflow as example:

  • In the loop each time add the daysToDobAndNow
  • After the loop, divide this number by the number of times the loop has looped.

Thanks for the answers, i need to use microflow for this, i know how to retrieve a list of the users inside the microflow  but i am not sure how to calculate the age in the loop.


Thanks for your help.



The easiest way to do this would be to retrieve all the users and loop over them. You would need to calculate each age in the loop, then add to a total combined age. Outside the loop you would then divide this by the total number of users to get the average (mean) age. 

Hope this helps.