Entity Access rules.

Hi everyone,   Let’s say we have an entity named XYZ with no access rules for any kind of user and another entity named ABC with full read and write access to the user and are associated as many ABC associated with one XYZ, there is a microflow with read and write access to a user and in this microflow we are calling the XYZ entity for creation and deletion of an object and it works fine but when we are using a dataGrid with datasource from database linked to ABC entity on a page we are unable to delete the data from the grid with the delete action button on the grid, which are associated to the XYZ entity and when we provide the access rules for XYZ entity to the user then the deletion from the grid for associated data works.   Thanks in advance.
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When you create, change or delete objects in a microflow this happens from the ‘system’ context and not the user's access rules. (unless you check the “Apply Entity Access” option in your microflow properties. This is why it's working fine when you're doing stuff in the microflow.

But it won't work when you directly try and delete or create objects from the client. Because in the latter case your access rules apply and your user probably doesn't have access to the object.

Here is some documentation on the general use of access rules.


And here in specific the Apply Entity Access option.