Database Connector auto-mapping / without creating objects or entities? How to use Database Replication module?

I am new to Mendix and I have a question regarding the Database Connector module. I was able to connect to the SQL 2008 database and even run an Execute Query successfully returning the correct results. I watched the YouTube video from Mendix about the Database Connector module on how to do this from 2016. However, at the end of the video, it was said that they would work on auto-mapping the results instead of having to create objects or entities in the domain model because this is error prone (and very manual labour intensive if I have to create an Entity for all queries). On top of that, in every Execute Query microflow, I would have to constantly define the database information as Mendix does not support SQL Server 2008 so I can't define the DB information in my project settings. Also, how can I use the Database Connector to display views that are already existing in the SQL DB? I tried using Database Replication module, but I don't understand how the mapping works. According to the documentation I am supposed to create Table Mappings before syncing the database, but it doesn't explain anywhere how to do this? Also, where is the data being stored when it is synced? I think Mendix makes it overly complicated just to retrieve or display data from an already existing database and the documentation or guides are really poor. 
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concuerdo, parece una herramienta muy potente, pero algo tan facil en otras herramientas aqui es realmente dificil.

como traemos las tablas de la base de datos???? y que podamos hacer un CRUD, facilmente?