How can I add owner to an object in a nanoflow for Native app

I have two persistent entities with reference set association and entity ownership set to Both. “Customer” a generalisation of User and “Report”. The report also has “store owner” property set to true. I then create a new Report object in a nano flow. Before I show this information to the user I need to populate the current logged in user information as the Report owner. It seems that the only way of doing this is to commit the report however I do not wish to commit the report as I may not save it. Is there no way of doing this without committing the Report Object?
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For the owner field this is the only option. As this field works as a kind of audit trail for the records, allowing you to influence this would break the audit trail.

An option you could try is to add your own field and populate that on create of the record with the $currentuser/name