Linking Multiple entities and combining them on a single page

Hi everyone, I’m quite new to Mendix, but I’m stuck in building my first app.  The problem is follows: In the figure below the entities I have can be seen: Now, I created a ‘ProjectMaster’ entity with those two details in it. Afterwards, I want to assign different employees to different tasks which are then assigned to the ‘ProjectMaster’ projectNumber e.g..  I’m a little bit lost, I don’t expect a clear answer from everyone, but maybe at least where I should look or how it could be build. Currently, I have a page where you can add a “ProjectMaster” and associate it to a ProjectDetails by a dropdown menu.  I now actually want in the page of the projectmaster a ‘listview’ that listens to the choice and where I can assign different tasks to the project and afterwards assign multiple employees to the different tasks. Thank you all in advance!
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Just few quick tips:

  1.  Ask yourself what should be managed? Projects / employees / task templates (Something that can be re-used to create tasks per employee you're not going to re-make the same task over and over again, you're going to assign an instance of that task to the employee.
  2. Create a navigation structure for a management account with overview pages for the above.
  3. Create the overview pages, (Note that employees are probably account owners and therefor the administration module is a good starting point in the Appstore) Note that people have accounts (Possibly multiple) and therefor a reference between employee and account should be made. Whereas an employee is not equivalent to an account.
  4. Now create a details page for a project, where I think Project master and project details are one and the same, unless you wish to create some architecture where you have child projects that are related to the master project yet keep using the same settings object. 
  5. In your projects overview page add the possibility to create a new project / edit one using the details page from step 4.
  6. Now create a details page for creating task templates, where you can give them a name etc. The tasks can be related to your business, doesn't really matter.
  7. You can then add a listview of task instances in your project details page, in which you have a microflow that creates the instance object of the task, allows for selecting the task template, and once that is selected you clone the details of the task template towards the instance. You can allow for modifying dates and stuffs in the instance, whereas the template could for example keep track of average handling times and then pre-fill the dates based on previously created task instances dependencies etc etc :P get fancy with it.
  8. Your account / employee management overview and detail pages can be completely seperate you just need a reference selector from task instances to an employee. Or if you want you can use an entity in between like for example a "calendar” or "inbox” to create a router mechanism so that multiple employees can reach that task based on their link with that inbox or calendar.
  9. good luck :) let me know if you got any further.

I actually managed to build in a similar way as Marnix explained. Now I have two functionalities I’m not really sure of how to build. These are as follows:

  1. A task should be planned, but can have different working dates. It can be that for a particular task I have to work on 30-11, 02/12 and 16/12. I made an other entity that is connected to the taks entity with two attributes: date and time (the time you will work on it). How can I make a page where it is easy to pick multiple dates. Currently I have a page where you have to add dates one for one, while if you for example have 50 days to work on a project, it will take very long to fill this in (user unfriendly). Does anybody have an idea how this can be solved?
  2. The second problem I have, is that based upon the above description. I want to have a Gantt chart or something that can be connected to the above mentioned entities and show the planning per employee for a project, but also as a whole for the entire team. I’m really confused about the Gantt charts found in the app store. Is there somebody that has some experience with a similar problem? Especially, how should I be looking at it?


Thank you in advance for the answer! Mendix is great uptill now :)