Store data localy and temporary

Hi, Is there a way to store some data locally and temporary ? I have some nanoflows that creates and uses some data. For the moment I store it in the database. I would like this data to be unique to each instance of the app and to be reset at each refresh or page change. Is there a way to do it ?
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You can use non persistant objects for this. Use a dataview with a data source microflow. The microflow will be fired every time you refresh or enter the page. In the microflow, retrieve the object and delete it, if not empty, then create a new object with the values you need.

As non persistant objects only exist in memory, you need to set an association to a persistant object and fill this association in the create action. Otherwise, there is no way to ‘reach’ the non persistant object. It depends on your use case, which object you could best associate with, but easiest is a persistant object which is already in use on the page (otherwise you will have to retrieve it first).