Performance filtering

I’m trying to find a way to implement a filter for data shown in a listview. The filter has to be in a seperate column. In the image above im using the “check-box filter” widget (but the constraint i have to set is not working).  My question: If I add attributes to my product entity (e.g. HelmetFilter, ShirtFilter, PantsFilter,…)  and set them as booleans, is this good or bad for the performance of my app? Summary: - Add attributes for each producttype (filters) to my product entity - create checkoxes for each of those attributes - Filter my listview based on attributes
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Heey Jannes,

If your product always only is one of the things like helmet, shirt etc you can add a enumeration  to your entity with the type of product it is. You can then have your filter based on the enum values. 

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