Create editable table (2D)

What I want is the following (see picture): I want a table where the enum value has a link to person and task.  Basically the output has to be an entity containing “Attribute 1: Person”, “Attribute 2: Task” and “Attribute 3: EnumValue”. Any ideas?
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I am actually working on another version (separate widget) of the Tree Table ( which does exactly that.

You can set rows & column entities (retrieve through XPath, Microflow or Nanoflow) and a reference Entity, which is the object in between. What you want to render in the cell is up to you, as you can either use a string attribute, or a nanoflow (which in this case would just take the value of the enum and return that as a string). It also fully react to any changes of an object (so when you change a value on the reference, row or column it automatically changes the shown values).

I haven't published this widget yet, as there are still a few key features missing (mainly onClick row, column or entry, as well as testing a few other key features). Keep an eye out next week, as I will probably release an early version of this on Github before I publish it in the App Store. If I don't forget, I will update this answer as well when it's available.