Refrsh ListView

Hi to all, I have a couple of list view that use a microflow as database. Basically, I’m receiving via MQTT some JSON files I want to refresh the objetcs in the listview without refreshing the page. Is that possible?   I tried using “refresh in client” on a commit in the microflow in which is the database. But it doesn’t work because it enters in a loop of commiting and refreshing.   Thanks in advanced for the help.   Best regards,  
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The microflow used as a source for a ListView will be re-executed when:

  • the page is refreshed
  • a context object on the page that contains the listview is refreshed

I have addressed a similar requirement as follows:

Create an entity to serve as the context object, like this:

Put this on a page in a list view:

Use the microflow timer to periodically commit this object via a small microflow

In my case, the records to be displayed are coming into my app via a webhook from Hubspot when a contact form is filled out on a public website.

Hope this gives you some ideas about how to solve your issue.



Use the Appstorewidget microflow timer to trigger a nanoflow.