How to close connection between Mendix application and MS SQL Server

Hi, I want to close MS SQL Connection when i am closing a mendix application page.  
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Hello Prakash,

You can create one microflow to close the SQL connection. So here you can create two web services as follows:

  1. While establishing the connection to SQL server, create Authentication token Web Service wrt to SQL settings. And call this action in “After Startup” of run time settings in the modeler and store this token attribute value.
  2. And then create another Web Service for connection close for the generated token with respect to SQL server settings. And call this Close Connection web service action in the “After Shutdown” of project run time settings in the modeler. Check the below microflow for Connection close. (Mandatory)

So that it automatically executed when a shutdown has been given, like before the app get shuts down.

Hope this will be helpful, if you any further clarifications/questions post here.