How many data row could be store in one domain model table?

My client asks me following tough questions The maximum capacity of domain model: What I remember in the Bootcamp, it is said that it is up to the server's storage capacity, however they concerns that the length of the ID column is 20 and the initial number of ID is big number – I figure out the it does not start with 0 but a big number like 40012000 and that makes it hard to store big data into it. We need a concrete number, sufficient is not enough for my client :( Maintenance plan for overflow of data for particular domain model: Also they concerns what if it overflow the maximum capacity of particular domain model. What is prepared if that case happen in the production system.   Do you guys have any good idea for those questions? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year :)
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> length of the ID column is 20
This is correct. The IDs are 64-bit numbers or roughly 20 digits long. Of these 64-bits, the first 16 are reserved by Mendix hence the big number that you see. That leaves 48 bits which corresponds to 281,474,976,710,656 possible objects. 
This is well beyond what you could theoretically store in a database before running out of space.



The most certain way to give it a go by running a microflow that will add objects until the app crashes.

My second advice is to ask this question to