Connecting mendix to MySQL database

I am attempting to connect my mendix application to a MySQL database. I am using the project configuration to set the database which I also have some questions on : Type: MySQL/MariaDB URL: IP:Port (its on the local network so I have the IP address and the port listed as the URL should I include anything other than the IP and port?)  name: Schema_name (Is the the name of the schema or the database where the schemas are located?) use integrated security: NO (won’t let me change this) username: username (the default is root) password: password (this is for the connection) I have attempted to connect and I get the same error back: Opening JDBC connection to Some(IP:PORT) failed with SQLState: 28000 Error code: 1045 Message: Access denied for user 'Username'@'' (using password: NO), giving up...(4/4)  I am not sure why is says using “password NO “ I supplied it with a password. I am not sure how to progress on this, I tried with Mendix version 8.4 but found issues in the release notes so I am now on Mendix 7.23.9 and I am still getting the same error.  
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Have you checked on the MySQL database that the user you are using is allowed to accept connections from other hosts then localhost? Is there maybe a firewall? Have you tested your connection to the mysql server from your current machine with a different tool to make sure it is working?