How to clear free cloud database

Due to changes in the project I'm working on, I had to make some changes that greatly change the behavior of some entities. With these changes, the current data becomes inconsistent. In my local environment, deploy has crashed due to these changes, and it was enough to delete the database data. However, when I try to deploy in the cloud, the error also occurs, but I couldn't find where to delete the existing data in the application. How to erase data from an application in the free cloud?
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I can think of two possible sollutions. One create a support ticket to let Mendix clean your enivronment or just create a new free project and copy the project over to the new environment (you can then delete the old one). The second option might be the fastest one.

And I would suggest that you create a forum post in the ideas section because with test projects you do make mistakes and be able to clean the environment yourself seems a usefull feature.