How we can create user (not anonymous user) for Mendix APP created ? ( we are not using mendix cloud) using aws EC2 instance for deployment

​​​​​​a) How we can create a user and store that user-related information in the Mendix data model. b) Any bulk creation of user method is available?  How user management is supported by creating a big organization structure? c) if we are running on our own custom EC2 instance for deployment of app do we need to pay for license for created users? 
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User information is stored as data in your application, it doesn’t matter what infrastructure you deploy to.

  1. You have various options, the sky is the limit here.  If you can think of a user on-boarding process, you can build it.  A few options: you can either manually create users like you normally do, create a simple sign-up process managed through invites, create an invite process that sends a user a sign-up email, invite after bulk user create, etc. 
  2. You can use the Excel Importer module to assist you to create bulk users or bulk upload of any data (see more info here)
  3. Yes – I recommend reaching out to your Mendix Account Executive to discuss licensing options


  • The general Mendix license should apply here. I dont think a special license is needed. However it is greatly dependent on the licensing model your company has setup with Mendix.
  • For deployment in AWS, you need a special license key which you need to request from Mendix support per app. 
  • After deploying the app the default MxAdmin should be present with which you could start creating users that is needed.
  • Bulk creation (either using Excel, XML or external interface) is something you have develop yourself.