How to Create ListView which can hide/unhide content at runtime

I have a requirement to create a view in Mendix which looks as following: The user enters Start Year and End Year; based on the inputs this view should be updated. If the year difference in 5 years, it should allow user to enter field value Capital and Expense for those 5 years , if dates are updated, this table columns should also be updated. On top of that there is a requirement to enter values quarter wise for current year and next year.  Need inputs on how to achieve this in Mendix 8. Appreciate your response to this.
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Hey Kirti,

I think you can do this with a Listview but then styled to go horizontal instead of vertical. Updating the columns etc. can be done with On Change micro/nanoflows.

You will need to build some logic do determine the current and next year so you can display a different snippet to show quarters.

Is there a max of 5 years range? If not it might be worth to investigate if it's ok to flip it around and show everything vertically so you can use Capital, Expense and Total as columns instead of rows to better fit the screen.