ETL on Mendix app data

I’m currently playing around with Mendix to see whether it would be a good fit for my company. One concern for which I haven’t found a solution yet is reading application data for reports: As part of our data analytics infrastructure, we frequently extract data from the company’s applications directly from their databases. However, from what I’ve read about Mendix, it seems like the only way of having full access to your applications’ databases is by setting up Mendix on-premises. The only options I see so far would be: Setup Mendix on-prem (a lot of hassle and maintenance work) Exposing application data with web services (ETL infrastructure would need to be adjusted, and this might impact its performance) Replicating app databases into an accessible server (duplicate data, and extra workload) Not using Mendix :)   Does anyone have experience on this?
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You can easily retrieve data out of Mendix by using OData connectors. We always use this to connect to external BI tools. That way you can still use Mendix in the cloud.