How to use SAP HANA Database

Hi Friends, I didn’t find the HANA database options in in Mendix Studio Pro. V8.5. If I will deploy my app with a HANA database, how to do it?  I read some document, but they talk about on SAP Cloud Platform.   But how to ONLY use HANA database? HANA database and connection will be given by IT.   Regards Haiji
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The SAP Cloud Platform is exactly where you will have to go. Same as the other cloud-environments like IBM Cloud or Azure, it is the space that SAP has reserved in their server park for facilitating Mendix Business Server (MBS) to run on the only database type SAP supports, HANA. You will not (yet) find SAP HANA in the dropdown options in Mendix Studio Pro → Project → Setting → Configuration → Database → Type since SAP HANA has no local variant (yet). So I think it is likely that Studio Pro is not yet equipped for locally assigning HANA as the database type. Best ask this to, they might know if this is something that is on the backlog.