How to copy a record with attachment to a new entity

I have a main entity (A1)and  a file document type entity (B1)associated to it to save the attachment of a record in main entity Now i have a similar pair of entity(A2) and associated file document entity (B2) where i want to copy the records from A1 along with attachment in B1 to A2 and the B2. I am able to copy all the fields from A1 to A2, i am having challenge in copy the attachment of the record. Any suggestions?
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Hi Mayur,

There is a Java action 'DuplicateFileDocument’ which you can use in microflows. You can select B1 as a ‘file to clone’ and B2 as the 'clone target’. This should be able to duplicate the file document B1 to B2, which you should then be able to associate to A2.