Moving database between environments

Hello Mendix Community I am trying to move my production enviroment database to my test environment, using a backup. From what i can read in the documentation this should be the way to do it, but i am getting this error Both environments are from the same deployment package so there should be no difference in the models Any suggestions as to why i get this error?
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This is not an error, it is a warning. Are you sure that the backup was created with the exact same revision you have deployed on your destination?

You should still be able to perform the db restore. If needed, the runtime will do a db synchronisation. If your model versions are equal, nothing will change.


Hi Andreas

Thanks for replying

Yes, the version on both environments are the same, i just noticed however that when i upload a database only snapshot it does not include information about the deployment package. Probably this is the reason for the warning.

Anyways, I tried doing the restore and ran into another issue :)

We use SSO to log into the application and when i log on after restarting the application i get an error because it thinks i am logging onto the production environment where the backup came from. (The URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application)