Invalid Date

Hi My Date Input Fields have stopped working. I am getting Invalid Date on Date Pickers, even though the Date is valid. My  Database does not have any Date Validation on the Date Field This was working on Friday prior to the Leap Year, but not working this morning.   Caused by a Calculated Field which is subtracting 2 days from 2nd March and Getting 29th February (which is correct),  a Read-only Date Picker is erroring  as ‘Invalid Date’ because it does not like 29/02 (Year not displayed), the simple solution is to remove the date picker until all usage of a Date that displays 29/02 has passed (in about 2 weeks time).    My Dates are UK Mode.
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I had the same with a read only date field with a custom date format. Changing it to the default format worked. It seems like there is a mendix bug with the leap year in combination with custom date format. I did not find a solution, yet. Maybe you should open a support ticket.


Sounds like there is a Mendix bug, maybe you could  create support ticket about with an example.