Data not available when running on cloud when using free trial account

Hello, I am using a free trial account.  I have built a sample app and used the excel importer to load data.  Everything works fine when I run it locally.  I want to run it on the cloud to let other users try it.  After I publish to the cloud all the data is not available?  Do I have to do something to have the data available on the cloud or do I need to import it again using excel importer on the cloud version? Thanks.
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Deployment will only deploy your model to the cloud environment, not the database.

You’ll need to import the data on the cloud deployed version as well. 


You could try to ‘add a snapshot of data’ from the modeler menu. This will commit a copy of your local database if its the default Mx HSQL database. The first time an environment runs, locally at least, the snapshot is used. I believe this also works for the sandbox environment. For more info als see