Connector issue

  On the course overview page, I am trying to right click “Add” button to select entity. However, I am not getting the option to select entity on right click.  Also, I am not getting any errors as mentioned in the document. Can someone pls help me out with this? STEPS from course: In section 4.3.1- not getting the error 1 and 2 Unable to follow 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 (On right click of add button, not getting select entity option) Right now action: Show nothing. If I click Show a page, i am getting options given in screenshots. 
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I think you already solved error one and are now busy solving error 2. Try to proceed here: 4.5.2 Solve Error 2 - Create Detail Pages . Because from your screenshots you need to attach the correct page to this button but that page does not exist yet and should be created.