Global Webinar App Automation

I have been developing an App in Mendix that is a system for displaying and reserving meetings for the global webinars. I’ve been stuck on a few key aspects that have caused me to be in quite the standstill for the past few weeks. I have looked through the documentation, different Mendix courses, as well as searching this forum for something that can help break me through this wall I’ve been at. Something that I feel like could be answered here would and to give me some kind of progress would be automating a process in the app. The app has three meeting times every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the same time every day for each meeting. The issue I am having is that a requirement is that the user should have access to the meeting times up to a year in advance at any point in time they access the app. I’m not sure how to go about automating the process of generating the three meeting times during those days in my database so that meetings to be registered for can be displayed up to a year in advance. If there is a module that has good documentation that has similar functionality to this, or if someone can directly help me with this task, that would be greatly appreciated.    Thank you for your time, Ben Fintel
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Hi Ben,

You could create a microflow that looks at the entity with meeting times to see if the meetings have been created for the upcoming 52 weeks.  If not, you could create the missing ones.  Then you can run this microflow regularly (nightly, weekly, hourly depending on how often you want to create the future meetings) in a scheduled event.  This will enable you to keep the list of future meetings populated the way you want to.

Hope that helps,