Microflow in a List view on native mobile app

Hi guys, I have a question regarding my native mobile app. I have a list view, which should be filled by an external mysql database. I followed the tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20jvsTS8-cA. At 1min 50 sec a microflow is used to the list. Unfortunately, i can choose between database and nanoflow. Problem: At the nanoflow I can’t use the connector module. How can I solve this? Is there a nice method or a good workaround? Best regards and stay healthy in this crazy times Tobias
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Hi Tobias,

The instruction video you see, is a web page, not a native mobile page. The native mobile platform does have some restrictions, as it a new platform and there is a lot of new development is in progress. But in this case, it makes sense...

The reason you can not call a microflow, is that you microflow is executed on the server, and you mobile app should work offline too… though… since 8.8 you can call a nanoflow, check if you are ‘online’ and if you think it save you can call a microflow. Note that calling a microflow have some limitations too,  see https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/studio-pro/8.8#new-features




Thank you Andries.