Temporary data for drop downs or reference selectors

Hi, Hope you are all well in these strange times. I’m sure the answer to my question has an easy answer and I am just missing something obvious. Lets say I have an entity called People storing information such as name, email addresses and a ‘team code’.  When I log into to my app using a standard user account (username Ben), I check for my related entry in People, and get my team code.  I then retrieve all other People from this entity who have the same team code, and I want to use those People to generate multiple dropdown lists or reference selectors on a page (looks like I have to use ref selectors as drop downs arent allowing me to target the entities).  I would have thought that I could use non-persistable entities to store these lists of People, but I can’t.  I know that I would need one entity for each selector (other wise when you use one of them, they all select the same thing it seems). The only way I seem to be able to do what I want, is to have persistable entites that are first retrieved and deleted, and then filled with my list of people in a loop.  It seems odd that I have to retrieve and delete data everytime these lists are generated, and I can’t use non-persistable entities as a temporary data store.  Is that right?  All of the entites are associated to a main ‘Request’ entity that is essentially a form that the drop downs/selectors appear on.   I can’t use non-persistable entities becuase the association doesn’t go in the right direction when associated with the persistable ‘Request’ Hope that makes sense.  Thanks in advance.
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Hi Ben,

From your question i am not exactly sure what you want to do with the ref selectors or drop-downs. You could however just create multiple associations from you Request entity to the people entity for each ref selector or drop-down that you need.

Then, either with an Xpath constrained or a datasource microflow you can make sure the the ref selecor or drop-down only shows the people from your team. 

Hope this helps.