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API or bulk upload option for access restriction profiles


In my organisation some long term changes to our VPN have meant that for internal-only applications we now have to whitelist around 450 IP addresses and ranges. Currently there is no way to do this apart from manually adding each of these to an access restriction profile, which is laborious and error-prone. On top of that it is also not possible to transfer or copy access restriction profiles between applications. For us this means we will probably have to do this process ~14 times with our current portfolio, again for every new app we create.

My proposal is that Mendix provide either an API for us to call to create and manage access restriction profiles, or provides an option to upload and download a csv file containing the correct information. An API has the benefit of allowing us to create a service which manages the access restriction of all our apps in one place, and would be my preferred option. 

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We are now facing a similar issue within our company, and it would be useful if Mendix could add this functionality.