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Add a label to the Google Authenticator entry for Mendix




Would it be possible to add a label to Mendix Google Authenticator entry, to distinguish it from other entries? 

I’ve added a screenshot to clarify what I mean.


Kind regards,



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Hi Axel,


Yes, I have tried this, but this does not give the desired result. Based on the other entries in my Google Authenticator, it is possible to enter both a label to the entry and (an editable) username.

I do not want to change the username, because that can be useful to know when you are logging in somewhere where you could have multiple MFA accounts.

What I tried to communicate with this idea, is that Mendix should add the label to the Authenticator entry, just like for example AWS is doing.

In any case, thank you for an alternative way to differentiate between entries!


Mart, have you tried it? It works for me.


I found the ticket about this that I submitted four years ago: #46828





I have already mentioned this a couple of times to Mendix. They should indeed fix this.



Hi Axel,


Thank you for responding. I was aware that I could change that, but it is not what I meant.

The thing you mention you can change is you login name, which is different than the label that is connected to the entry.


Tap and hold the entry, then tap the pencil icon. Then you'll be able to rename.