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Import constants from a file


Sometimes constants can vary between Test/Accp/Prod environments, or perhaps something external has changed. Updating pages of constants via the Mendix Platform UI is quite painful and prone to input errors. How about we could just upload a text file or spreadsheet with the new key and value pairs (just like we can download one)?

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Yes, a better way configure Mendix’ environment variables (or ‘constants’ as Mendix calls them unfortunately) is the part I like.

But rather than storing the configurations in a text-file and uploading them, better would be to create a better view in sprintr, showing a matrix of vertical: all variables and horizontal: all environments. Including history per restart and copy-paste functions.


Thanks for that Andries, that is extremely helpful. I would, like you, still like to see it work “out of the can”.


Hi Olly,

There is a way is described in the community meetup (at 05:40) @

Thank you @Jean Botha

Though I upvote the suggestion, in the hope Mendix better and out of the box. 

Cheers, Andries