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Configurable behaviour of run / in cloud


(reference support ticket Request #115753 )

Current behaviour seems to be that when using “run” (in cloud) from Studio Pro (and presumably similarly in Studio), the current work is committed to the repository, built into a package, and deployed to the first listed environment in a project. Environments seem to be listed based on order of creation and cannot currently be re-ordered after creation.

Whilst this makes some sense for projects hosted in Mendix cloud where the “test” environment is always listed first, it is problematic for projects hosted using VPC, where the order that the environments was created is not always the same. This can lead to accidental deployments to production environments. It doesn’t seem to be possible to mitigate this with permissions when on VPC.

I suggest the following features:

  1. To allow for the environments listed within a project to be re-ordered after creation.
  2. For the default “run in cloud” environment to be specially highlighted or indicated in some way in the web console to make the behaviour clear.
  3. Ideally for the “run in cloud” behaviour to be configurable and optionally defined as an override on a branch level – perhaps with a warning popup indicating where the package will be deployed when this feature is used in the modeler.


It’s possible similar results could be achieved in other ways.


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