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BackupAPI is missing functionality


We are trying to automate the proces of restoring the database from production to the test environment WITHOUT the filedocuments. The reason for this is that the filedocuments have no importants at all in the test environment and for testing purposes the database is sufficient. Furthermore is the size of the filedocuments in production is so large that restoring those would not fit in the test environment and would take to much time.

Now the V4 Backup api ( ) has the option when creating a download request to specify a database only (see 3.2 Query Parameters data_type (String): The type of data to retrieve. Valid types are: database_only and files_and_database. Default value is files_and_database.).
But in 3.8 Submit request to restore a Backup to an Environment I can not give this quiry parameters to only restore the database to an environment. Now I only can do a complete restore to the test environment which fails offcourse due to the fact that the filedocuments can not be restored due to the size of the test environment compaired to the production environment. The only way to get a database only from production environment to test or accp environment is to manually download it and upload it again in the test environment. That defeats the purpose of the deployment and backup API.

Could the restore request (3.8) be enhanced with the same parameters as the download request (3.2)? Or otherwise make it possible to upload the database only backup that you make in 3.2? Would offcourse be less efficient to download and upload again but then at least we can do this stuff no longer manually but through the API.


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