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Running Mendix Apps on Siemens Industrial Edge reverse proxy


We are not able to run mendix apps on our Industrial Edge platform and leverage the reverse proxy server on Edge device provided by the platform. This means we cannot leverage the automatic certificate management and user management and remote access of the IE Platform. Which is all important for security of the platform and scalability of the platform and the Mendix on Edge solution.


The core issue is that Mendix does not support routing beyond the application root URL.

for example to support




Basicaly when you access url then a login page is opened. and all paths are then relative.


related to Support request #142627



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Hey Ondrej,


with Mendix Studio Version 10.2.0 (Release date: August 29, 2023) Mendix supports nested URLs.


Quote from Release Notes:

We added support for running Mendix apps on nested URL paths (for example, ``).”