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Improve audit trail in sprintr


There is a limited audit trail in Sprintr (Environment → Activity section). To explain who did what why, the audit trail must be improved. For example

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Hi Berend,


I can add to this. There were a few times when deploying applications or tracing issues where, for example, a constant should be x according to the client but was set to y. A webservice URL that was working fine suddenly doesn't work anymore and no one knows why the constant changed or how it changed except that there was a deployment the day before. Having the audit trail functionality will help us pinpoint if the deployment caused the change so we can investigate further why the change occurred.


Changes to the custom domain and outgoing connections certificates, especially the second one, is very important to the client. I can recall a few times when we got issues due to an expiring certificate even though the certificate was updated before. We have the details and can check the valid from/to dates. Since we can't download the certificates from that page, knowing who updated it will tell us who should have the file and updated the certificates.


Hope that helps.

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Hey Thijs,

Thanks for addressing your idea!
I’m afraid there will be no intermediate plan on it, but it sounds like a great idea for future improvement!

Your post has been added to the collection list to evaluate.
It would be great if you could also share a bit more details here on how having this functionality will improve your experience so the Product team could better understand your use case.

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