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Bulk Files Upload/Deployment Problem to Mendix Cloud Node - SOLVED


Hello guys,

As a member of the Paul Davies team of Manufacturing eSOP Division at Siemens Mobility, this is an application note solution shared on the forum for anyone or team who encounters the same problem which we experienced with respect to difficulties in uploading/deploying bulk files (in our case over 100,000 files) of our project to the Mendix cloud node during deployment of the project app and files.

It is important to note that, according to Mendix support, deployment of the project app from Mendix Studio Pro only uploads the app build and not the actual files which are in the “deployment” folder. In other words, at the initial stage, the database is uploaded as backup to the environment and the app build is deployed from the Mendix Studio Pro which also contains your assests/bulk files you want uploaded. However during the deployment of the app build to the cloud node, only the the app build is uploaded excluding the bulk files which are contained in the “deployment/data/” folder.

We had tried a number of different attempts for weeks to upload the bulk files, but we were unsuccessful EXCEPT for one method which we will be sharing with you in case any other person or team encounters the same problem in the future.

The solution with the help of MX support was downloading the Full Snapshot (which downloads as a .tar.gz file format), extracting, adding the files and re-archiving (in a .tar.gz file format again) and re-uploading back to the Backup page via “Upload Backup”.

Below are the steps:

  1. Create a manual backup of your database
  2. Download the 'Full Snapshot' in the Backup page which will download in a ‘.tar.gz’ file format
  3. Extract the full snapshot as its own folder
  4. Move/replace your bulk files into the "tree" folder in the extracted snapshot folder
  5. Then, re-archive the snapshot folder back as ‘.tar.gz’ file by following these steps:
    1. If you are using Windows machine, you can use the below command-

tar.exe -czvf aNameHere.tar.gz tree db


      1. Go to the folder (i.e snapshot folder) that contains tree/ and db/ 
      2. Keep ‘Shift’ button pressed and then Right Click anywhere. Select "Open PowerShell window here" (for windows 11 this is in "more options").
    1. Upload the .tar.gz file to the cloud node on the Backup pg via the Upload button,
  1. Below are screenshots to help:

Image 1)


Image 2)


Image 3)


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